Jurnal Riset Komunikasi (JURKOM) focus on original research articles, review articles from contributors associated with communication and its applied. Jurnal Riset Komunikasi (JURKOM) a double-blind peer-reviewed journal, explores critical and constructive inquiries into the wide range of fields of study on interdisciplinary approaches or perspectives of Communications Science that scope on:

  • Media and Journalism is an analysis ideology, culture and contruction of media (texts, film or liric)
  • Marketing Communicationis an idea or opinion exchange, information, instruction among people (personal or non-personal) through a various symbol to achieve company goal.
  • Organizational Communication discusses organizational behavior and explained about interactions between people within the organization ( public policy, development dan marketing)
  • Applied communication is discusses communication strategy to distribute communication in environment, disaster, health, and tourism. The aim of communication strategy is persuading individual or society in making decision about health activity.
  • Cros- Culture Communication a communication between people with different culture (for instance race, ethnic, or socio-economic)
  • New Communication Technology is discusses virtual communication or media social.